Sep 21, 2012


The equinox is actually tomorrow, but weather-wise it's been fall for the last week already. That's far from a criticism though - fall means pumpkin soup, cozy sweaters, and early evenings at home with books, movies, and popcorn.

T, however, demands frequent outside excursions - and what kind of mother would I be to force her to stay inside and watch TV just because I get cold easily? So here are some colorful-ish suggestions for venturing beyond the doorstep during the next weeks...before it gets really cold.

Best paired with comfortable knitwear and supplemented with a warm drink at home.

Transparent umbrella – I’ve been hankering after one since seeing Lost in Translation, but have found them tricky to get ahold of in Europe.
Hunter Originals - Royal Horticultural Society design.
Pink trench as seen at ASOS– a variation on the ubiquitous beige
Scarf, Ted Baker.
Fingerless gloves – keeping wrists and palms warm while still allowing for enough dexterity to handle smartphones and other smallish items.

As for the munchkin – much as I would love to have her raingear resemble Christopher Robin’s:

She’s a tearaway and needs clothes that keep her dry even after an hour on the rainy playground.

Waterproofs, JojoMamanBebe.
Fishermann’s raincoat, also JojoMamanBebe.
Aigle Kids Lolly Pop Boot.
Aigle Childs “Bootsockid”.

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