Sep 30, 2012

In the mood for...strawberries

The 2012 strawberry season was brief in the UK – too brief for my tastes. Though the taste of the fresh fruit can’t be beaten, here are a few ways to incorporate fragaria ananassa into the fall, with a focus on all things dainty and delicate.

Bohemian glass earrings, Martick.

Rabbit holding strawberry pendant, Fortnum & Mason.

L'incroyable fraise bonbon, Laduree.

Strawberries, Pierre-August Renoir (1905)

Silver and enamel charm bracelet, Links of London – part of the Links of London Wimbledon range, which includes the silver and enamel charms pictured here (one with cream, one without) and the silver and enamel charm necklace - the website has additional strawberry-themed charms, bracelets, and earrings.

Truffles, Charbonnel et Walker.

White chocolate box cake, Patisserie Valerie - can be customized to include up to four layers.

“Wild Strawberry” whiteware, Wedgwood:

Loose black tea with strawberries, Fortnum & Mason.

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