Sep 24, 2012

Looking for…unadorned, work-appropriate flats

For everyone who dislikes heels, but still wants to look professional.

The older I’ve gotten, the less comfortable I find high heels. So unless there’s a client-facing meeting, I generally wear formal-looking flats to work. In the past, I’ve made good finds at L.K.Bennett, Brooks Brothers, and Hobbs – but none of these stores are stocking the models I’ve liked in the past or anything comparable this season.

I’ve perused this fall’s collections for shoes that meet the following criteria:
- No bows, chains, or buckles. 
- Not flimsy, but also not stolid or frumpy (I'm looking at you, Ferragamos).
- Versatile – can go with skirts or pants with various colors and patterns.
- Not cheap-looking.
- No loafers.

And I found:

Cece suede, J. Crew - my favorite colors from the selection. I prefer the suede versions over the leather.
Mock-croc, Pied a Terre – cute and functional-looking.
Pointed patent, Boden – these may be a bit too pointy. Some of the reviewers have criticized the quality of the leather, but I think they're worth a try.

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