Sep 25, 2012

T likes…Boden’s “Shaggy Lined Zip-Through”

So cozy - and ours has withstood over a year of almost daily wear and tear.

We got T the 2-3 when she was just under a year old – the sizing is humungous so T wasn’t able to wear it a few months after her second birthday, but she loved wearing it once it fit. She’s had a growth spurt and it's starting to get short on the sleeves, so we’re contemplating what to get her next (probably as a Christmas present). H likes the purple stars, I the rust red, and T the blue 'cause it's like the one she has.

Speaking of Boden - our opinions are conflicting. H says he find can pretty much the same items at the Gap or similar stores for a fraction of the price. While I love the two cashmere cardigans I’ve gotten (they have a great selection of flattering dyes) and an off-white silk shell, I’ve also returned my share of ill-fitting and generally unflattering blazers, skirts, and dresses and haven’t actually ordered clothes for myself for about a year.

But the kids’ clothes we’ve gotten, both through the website and through community sales, have been great – well-tailored, long-lasting, and cute. The sizing, as said above, is huge – T is slim-but-not-skinny and pretty average height for her age, and she was wearing a Boden 12-18 month T-shirt until she was almost three. However: besides the sweater, I haven’t found anything amazing in this fall’s catalogue for her.

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