Sep 28, 2012

T likes...dinosaurs

Like many three-year-olds, T loves all things dinosaur and dinosaur-related. Here are some of her favorites - either things she already has, or "really, really, really" wants.

Stegosaurus, Schleich.

Cookie cutters, National History Museum shop.

Stegosaurus floor puzzle, National History Museum shop.

Triceratops, Schleich.

First Picture: Dinosaurs, Usborne - the book that started it all for us, which we borrowed from our local library five times in a row. A great introduction with the basic facts, a good picture-to-text ratio, and light on depictions of inter-dino mauling.

See Inside the World of Dinosaurs, Usborne - a lift-the-flap book, which T loves reading with us or flipping through by herself. It's still a bit advanced from her, but the format means we can spend as much or as little time on each page as we want.

Children's quilt, John Lewis

Melamine crockery set, John Lewis.

Dinosaur flashlight with interchangeable covers, Wild Republic.

First Coloring Book: Dinosaurs, Usborne – the drawings of the dinosaurs are a bit cutified, but it seems scientifically accurate enough and T loves it.

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