Oct 15, 2012

London with Preschoolers: Pimlico & Chelsea, Part 1

Indulging in leche-vitrine down Pimlico Road.

Pimlico Road
T loves walking down Pimlico Road. She finds the art gallery and interior design store windows fascinating to look at and they provide plenty of fodder for her imagination and our conversations.

Her perennial favorites:

- The drinking fountain at the corner of Pimlico Road and Avery Farm Row (which Wikipedia says is a memorial to 19th century politician Richard Grosvenor, 2nd Marquess of Westminster).

- Statues of large animals, like the pensive lion between obelisks at Portuondo.

- Amethyst geodes, as seen at Dale Rogers.

Some other scenes that caught our eye on our last visit (clockwise from top left):

Pimlico Road street sign above The Ebury pub| Gallery 25’s sign and window display with what I think is a Medusa head (I also love the blue sofas / orange lampshade contrast) | Rogier Lamps | SPIDERMAN! (to T’s utter fascination and delight) at Mark Ransom |Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart flower shop | Gordon Watson (20th century furniture)

In the next edition, we head down Pimlico Road a bit further...and head into Chelsea.

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