Oct 1, 2012

Looking for...armwarmers

Whether you call them armwarmers, wristwarmers, or fingerless mittens – they’re perfect for sealing the gap between coatsleeve and wrist where wind and cold sneak in (while allowing for more dexterity than gloves), for wearing inside cold offices and apartments, and can be combined with gloves when it gets really cold.

1. Cashmere (red, blue, off-white, light brown, gray), Nordstrom.

2. Wool / cashmere, Avoca.

3. Polyamide / angora / wool, Oasis.

4. Cashmere, Stella McCartney.

5. Merino / acrylic, Roeckl – additional color combinations are also available.

6. Lambswool / cashmere, Roeckl – also available in navy, black, and taupe.

H&M also has a selection of lower-priced options – ideal for back-ups.

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