Oct 5, 2012

Save or splurge - black patent round-toed heels

L. K. Bennett vs. Clarks.

Though it's a bit of a mouthful to say, black patent round-toed heels are a definite wardrobe essential. They go with suits, jeans, party dresses, formal dresses...basically any smart-casual to white-tie occasion. However, finding a pair that's of good craftsmanship, slick-looking, and comfortable (a relative term for high heels, I know) is surprisingly tricky. Here are two models that fit the bill - to me, the L.K.Bennett shoes do look like they're made from slightly higher-quality leather, but that may be due to photography.

Clarks "La Contrary," currently £79.99. I bought last year's model for a fall wedding, and they're serviceable - the foot cushioning is a nice touch. I strongly recommend going up at least half a size though - they started to pinch my toes pretty badly and even a year onwards I can only wear them for 3-4 hours at a stretch before they start to hurt.

L.K.Bennett "Sabira," currently £160. This model also comes in other colors, including two nude shades (sort of blah, Kate Middelton's efforts notwithstanding), a scarlet red (somewhat cheap), and two shades of blue (I like the navy).

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