Oct 19, 2012

Online favorites: comics

Let me share my love for Pusheen the Cat and Liz Climo.

Pusheen the cat

Yay cats, especially in this kawaii-ish style!

I adore the wallpaper:

I would totally buy notebooks, calendars, pencils, flannel PJs, bedding, crockery, and who knows what other stuff with this pattern...in case the online shop is looking to expand its collection.

Liz Climo

This one made me LLOL (literally laugh out loud):

This one goes out to H, whose dad let his big sister breed hamsters when they were kids (I know, right?):

My sister-in-law got sick of project hamster and 10-year-old H separated the remaining pups (still 20+) from their ravenous mom, cleaned them, and set up a booth at a local fair to give them away to new homes.

I also love the dinosaur-and-baby series, which includes this bit of cute:

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