Nov 13, 2012

A Continentalist in Paris: Tears and Lanterns

Starting day 1 in media res.

Days -3 to -1 were hectic. Though we'd put our furniture and other things in storage, clearing out the apartment still required shifting 3 carloads of stuff - which now sit at my in-laws' place (they're in Spain, so H will get to sift through the things this upcoming weekend). Day 0 was better: Saturday to Sunday, H, T, and I crashed at the apartment where H will be staying for the next while, which was a mere 5-min taxi ride from St. Pancras train station. So after taking the first Eurostar over to Paris, T and I spent the rest of Sunday settling in and hanging out with my parents and sisters.

Despite all the changes, T is handling it well so far. Of course she talks a lot about how much she misses her daddy, old nursery, childminder, and friends - all quite understandable. But despite a tearful goodbye (and having to deal with two languages, neiter of which is English), her first day at school was fine. A highlight was that her first day coincided with the Pre-K's St. Martin's Day festival: the kiddies walked around the school holding lanterns and singing songs, and returned to the Pre-K building for a bonfire and these little guys.

I was hoping to get lovely shots of lanterns glowing in the dark, but the pictures turned out terrible - I left our camera with H in the UK, and my sister's wasn't up for the job. So this is T with my baby sister and her lantern:

I, meanwhile, am getting a serious move on my Open University course (in the hopes that a third masters is the ticket to success), looking for not-too-expensive intermediate French lessons, and organizing life here while planning my next steps.

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