Nov 8, 2012

Fall is the preppiest season: casual & bright outdoorsiness

There’s no better time of year for being preppy than fall!

Fall's the season for which chunky knits and tartan fabrics were made. First off a little digression: though I abandoned academia as a personally unfulfilling career option, there is a slew papers that I didn't get to write because they didn't fit into the parameters of my studies. One of my pet projects is the phenomenon of prepsterdom - what it means to be preppy, the prep / WASP relationship, and what it says about social classes and castes in the States (and how US-prep relates to Brit and Euro-prep, etc. etc.).

But more on that another time - this is about putting together some prep-inspired outfits for a variety of autumnal situations. First up: an outdoorsy number featuring the traditional pink / green color combo, for a brisk but not-too-cold day (which is what puffer vests were made for). And the bright colors help dispel the gloom of shorter days and freezing nights.

White viscose / jersey tee, Jigsaw. Round-necked slim-fitting tees are essential for keeping delicate sweaters and cardigans (especially cashmere) free from deodorant and sweat, helping them last longer.

Silk / cotton v-neck sweater, Jigsaw.

Green puffer vest, Joules.

Pink skinny cords, Jack Wills. Though this whole color scheme also works for the rest of the year (think a lightweight blue jersey top with hot pink skinny khakis, and minus the socks / snood / gloves / vest) - cord is a quintessential cold-season-fabric and just looks out of place in the summer. Corduroy the bear gets a pass.

Green / white striped socks, Joules.

Gray cashmere snood, Johnstons.

Gray cashmere fingerless gloves, Johnstons. I'm not sold on gloves with the little mesh bit for operating touch-screen phones (though Echo Design has some decent options). So as long is the weather is not too cold, gloves like these look like they give the best manual dexterity.

Gray suede boat shoe, Chatham Marine. I sometimes tease H for wearing his boat shoes with socks (H: "They chafe!"), though I totally get it, especially when it's cold. Kudos though to the brave sockless boat-shoed prepsters I saw at the Gunwharf Quays last weekend (the most pleasant outlet mall which I've ever visited).

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