Nov 9, 2012

Favorite Kids' Stuff: Potette Plus

A toilet seat minimizer that doubles as a traveling potty - a toddler essential about which I'm a total evangelist.

The Potette Plus is seriously amazing. It's the only toilet seat minimizer which alleviated T's early fears of falling in, and, even better, is also a small and lightweight traveling potty with padded liners. So especially in the early days of potty-training, it meant we didn't have to think about the availability and quality of public restrooms every time we left the house with T.

We've had our Potette for almost a year now and it's still going strong. T doesn't need it outside the house as much anymore, but it's essential for longer trips and travels, and still her go-to toilet seat minimizer - it definitely helps her adjust to different bathrooms. To keep it clean, we rub it down with alcohol a few times a week, and replace the carrying bag about once a month (depending on how much we use it outside the home).

The only (minor) issue we've had is that the "legs" were a bit stiff at the beginning when we used it as a traveling potty (it was hard for me to click them into position, though H has never had this issue). But after a few months this stopped being a problem.

Here is a list of international suppliers - the picture is from Bibs and Stuff, Potette's supplier in the UK.

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