Nov 16, 2012

Ice skating at Somerset House

My favorite rink in London is open for the season!

{Picture from a 2008 Telegraph article}

For everyone living in, around, or near London or planning to visit during the next two months, I highly recommend the ice rink at Somerset House - which just opened! You can book tickets through the Somerset House website.

I'm a bit sad about missing out, having gone every year since I moved to the UK with the exception of 2009 (i.e. the year T was born). Last year, my company even had its Christmas party there...which was great except that my left foot kept cramping up and I had to stop every 10 minutes, take off the skate, and stretch it out. There's a separate section for the kiddoes with skating aids and a "skate lounge" with refreshments for non-skating tag alongs.

P.S.: Check out Vogue's feature on fashionable skaters seen at Somerset House.

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