Feb 12, 2013

Work / everything balance

How to restart when you've failed to keep up with things.

I'm terribly behind on posts, largely due to the fact that I failed to balance writing articles with the other stuff in my life. This mostly consists of taking care of a toddler / my OU course / household admin.

Since toddler maintenance and household stuff can't be left undone without severe and immediate repercussions, my OU course suffered the most (next to the writing). Theoretically I had eight weeks or so for "Block 2" of the course, but I ended up reading the material, and delivering the final project, in a fraction of that time. Instead of spending say 2-3 hours a day on the course - as should be done - I spent a few intense days cramming and typing up the assignment. I was not happy with the grade my first assignment got - 71%, a merit under the OU's criteria - though I'll be happy to get the same grade for this assignment. So from now till the exam end of April, I'm going to need to work with a more realistic schedule.

I did discover that getting up a 4 or 5 am gives me a good window for working, so I'm keeping this up for "Block 3." I'm not that productive in the evenings anyway, so going to bed for 9 pm shouldn't be an issue. I want to do well in this course and do two more come spring, so I need to come up with a feasible solution.

So I'm going to have to keep the procrastination in check to balance:

- The course (2-3 hours / day 4-7 am; another hour on short schooldays and 2 hours on long schooldays to catch up on where I'm behind)
- Running (1-2 hours / day)
- The website (1-2 hours / day - 7-9 pm)
- The forthcoming project (1 hour / day - 30 min in the morning; 30 at night)
- Toddler and household stuff

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