Mar 9, 2013

T likes...dragons and weddings

Starting points for discussing social issues.

T is obsessed with two things at the moment: Puff the Magic Dragon and weddings. The Puff craze started when I hummed the song to her and couldn't get past "Honalee." I looked up the full version, and T has been entranced ever since.

We've listened to Puff so many times today that she knows the chorus by heart (though in T's version Puff "lift by the sea," which I guess is her German heritage speaking).

When T and I talked about the story of the song, and how Puff is sad when the Jacky Paper grows up (because, you know, the creators explicitly deny that the song refers to drug use), she suggested that Puff marry a "girl dragon" to get over it.

Her preoccupation with weddings goes back a few months now; I think it's pretty clearly a product of reading fairytales and watching all things Disney. We watched Robin Hood last night (she watched it while I had an online tutorial), and the "cute foxy wedding with a veil!" was the absolute highlight for her.

But when I suggested that Puff marry a "man dragon," T acted like I was being ridiculous (our community isn't exactly diverse, so I can't say "Oh, but so-and-so has two daddies!"). My lesson in social awareness mostly involved explaining that yes, men can merry men and women women - supported by the internet pictures that come up when you search for "homosexual wedding." T loved the photos of cake toppers and those with two brides wearing "pretty white dresses"...but she still doesn't believe me ("Only mommies can marry daddies!"). She did crack me up when she saw this picture and said "Oh, and that's when you got married to a girl." (I vaguely resemble the brunette.)

I've since shown her an online version of And Tango Makes Three, the tale of the penguin family at the Brooklyn Zoo (leaving out the complicated progession of the story - but hey, both Roy and Silo are still alive!)

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