Apr 30, 2013

Last days of April

A gloomy day to end a largely gloomish month - but spring has definitely started.

The last few days have been overcast, so everything's been looking vaguely washed out. I've been waiting for a sunny day to catch the gardens and parks in full spring bloom glory, but since showers and gusts of wind might eviscerate the majority of blossoms any day now I grabbed Lee and headed out to Parc de Saint-Cloud.

There were a few splashes of color on the way there, including flowering trees and shrubs peeking over garden walls and the flowerbeds which line the main streets.

Lee had the playground all to herself, and we got as close as we could to the walled and locked (though not quite secret) garden near the entrance.

The view over Paris, including the Eiffel Tower and Montmartre, was somewhat obscured by the general haze. Still, Lee loves it and spent a long time gazing out.

On the way out, the dog went crazy over a red squirrel - pictured here just peeking 'round the right side of the tree.

I'm quite sad about now only having 2.5 months left in Paris and can't wait for the weather to improve so that we can head out for more excursions.

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