Jul 30, 2013

Denmark: Hjerl Hede open air museum

An immersive and entertaining experience with a historical dimension.

To skim over the last months and jump right back in: our move back to the UK from Paris went well. For the moment, Lee and I are currently enjoying a holiday in the Danish countryside, courtesy of my parents. The house is incredibly close to the water and the weather has been amazing.

In addition to the big upcoming trip to Legoland (a family tradtion), we've been making some smaller excursions - yesterday we went to Hjerl Hede. I'm a big fan of open air museums and similar historically slanted experiences, from Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia to Kommern (near Bonn) and the Dahlem museum in Berlin, and Hjerl Hede did not disappoint.

The village (map here) includes farm houses - with animals and vegetable patches - from different centuries...

...a water mill...

...an iron monger and cooper...

...a cobbler, a dairy, a school, a sawmill, a little steam train (journeys cost extra), an ice house, and a peat bog....

...plus a little stone-age village.

Traditionally attired volunteers lead craft demonstrations. Almost all signs / descriptions are in Danish, English, and German, and the employees / volunteers all spoke some measure of English.

Food-wise, there's a working bakery, sweet store, and restaurant serving hot dogs and similar foods. The restaurant is near a huge playground which the kiddies (three and eight) loved, which also offers old timey entertainments for older age groups - e.g. penny farthing bicycles, bowling, and stilts.

Most of the grounds are it is wheelchair and stroller accessible, and dogs are allowed; Pippin had a good time, though the geese almost drove her to distraction.

We finished our visit with a stop at the museum store, which has the usual assortment of cute knick-knacks.

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