Nov 29, 2013

Guildford Castle

Picturesque, if somewhat picayune.

I've been wanting to see the Isabella Blow exhibit at Somerset House since I first read about it – but suddenly it was Sunday afternoon, and the thought of heading into central London seemed a bit much. So instead we went to Guildford to see the local castle, in the hope that Lee would expend some of her energies stomping around the grounds (our local playgrounds are sort of terrible / hard to get to).

The castle, about a 10-min walk (at 4-year-old pace) from the station, looked quite impressive on the website – so our reaction was pretty much "Is Cute though." Plus, we were too late to actually enter the castle, which dates back to William the Conqueror's days - though it's open until 4:30 pm in the summer, it closes at 3:30 pm during winter time. But the grounds were lovely:

We walked back down through the High Street, where most shops are open until 6 pm – which is still unusual in rural Britain. It was quaint in a pre-Christmassy sort of way.

We stopped by the Gap (no success, which I guess is good because I'm trying to shop more ethically), and I visited Jigsaw and L.K.Bennett; reviews of some items I tried in a separate post (and since again I didn't buy anything, that's a small step towards ethical purchasing).

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