Aug 27, 2015

5 reasons why Dr Hauschka spa treatments (at least at the KaDeWe Berlin) are the best

They're amazing. Seriously.

I've been getting facial treatments on and off about 17 to 18 years now, but none of them ever really stood out (except for the ones where my skin ended up looking worse afterwards). However: in summer 2013 my mother recommended the Dr Hauschka spa at the KaDeWe (Berlin's, if not the world's, most awesome department store*). After one session, I got hooked on both the products and the experience – and now I go for one almost every time we visit Berlin. Here's why...

1) The products are fantastic

Dr Hauschka products are made from natural, sustainable ingredients (read more about their philosophy here). Incidentally, the products are also fully edible...

2) The experience is consistent

I've been treated by three different Dr Hauschka aestheticians at the KaDeWe thus far, but the experience has been universally great. Obviously they all have their own methods, but you don't feel like one of them left anything out, or think "I wish ___ was doing this instead, she really knows what she's doing."

3) The aestheticians are great at their jobs – and consummate professionals

They're friendly, but don't talk during the treatment
Obviously there's pleasant small talk at the beginning and end, but during the treatment there's strictly no chit-chat (beyond comments like "extraction is about to start!") – which means you can focus on relaxing.

They don't push products on you
They do of course make recommendations when asked, but there's no pressure at all to buy any of the (frankly pretty pricey) products.

Or try to convert you when you talk about which non-Hauschka products you use
It's pretty laissez-faire.

4) It's a completely relaxing experience and atmosphere

So relaxing, in fact, that I habitually fall asleep in the early stages of the treatment. The extraction part wakes me up though...

5) The session includes awesome eyebrow shaping

After reducing my brows to thin lines in the late 1990s / early 2000s, I'm now on the other extreme where I hardly let anyone near my brows (I'm looking at you, overzealous threaders). The Dr. Hauschka aestheticians know exactly how much to take away and what to leave in.

The downside? At €125 for the "Classic" facial (a 2 hour experience), it's not cheap – and the products are a luxury as well. But since turning 30 I've decided to get serious about taking care of my skin (rather than my wardrobe), so I consider it a worthwhile indulgence.

"Beauty Lounges"
KaDeWe department store, 3rd floor
Tauentzienstra├če 21-24
10789 Berlin

Closest metro stops are Wittenbergplatz (U1, U3, U3 – about 2 minutes' walk) and Zoo (U2, U9, various S-Bahns and local train lines – about 10 minutes' walk)

Book appointments by calling the Dr. Hauschka desk on the ground floor of the KaDeWe: +49 (0)30 2123 2875 (not sure if they speak English though)

*In Berlin, Peek & Cloppenburg and the boutiques at Alte Schoenhauser Stra├če may sometimes have larger clothing selections and in London, Selfridges may be more glamorous...but from an all-around perspective, I haven't yet been to a department store that ticks as many boxes as KaDeWe.

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